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More than 35 years after its original release, Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” is having a renaissance as of late. In 2018, Hailey Tuck’s rendition of the song earned a spot on our list of top cover songs for the year. This spring, Kari Kimmel recorded a version for the trailer and final episode of Cobra Kai season two (a Karate Kid reboot). Today, the first day of summer, Prima Donna is releasing a guitar-powered rock cover as its new single. Signed to Little Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records, Prima Donna is an up-and-coming L.A.-based, four-piece rock band (yes, rock outfits still exist in 2019). “We wanted to do a summer song for the next single, and we’ve always loved ‘Cruel Summer,’” guitarist and vocalist Kevin Preston told Cover Me in an email. “It’s by far the most haunting tune of the season.” The band opens the song with a synth-percussion track familiar to anyone who knows the original recording. From there, the tracks differ. Prima Donna plays it as a hard-driving pop rocker, with Clash-inspired guitar licks. Preston belts out the song’s refrain with all the swagger of an ‘80s pop star transplanted into the 21st century. Apparently summer heartbreak never goes out of style. Or, as keyboardist and saxophone player Aaron Minton put it: “Summer is not necessarily ‘having fun all summer long’ as the Beach Boys would have you believe.”” - Curtis Zimmermann

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A most welcome return for one of my favourite bands from over on the West Coast of the good ole US of A.  Prima Donna slink back into the house folks, and this time they've hooked up with the Über cool label Wicked Cool to knock out these 11 tracks of ear candy. Sure, Messrs Preston and co know how to write über cool power poppin', punk rockin' tunes a plenty, and over the years they've never failed to deliver the goods - and this ain't no exception boys n girls. They might have had a few changeroonies in the personnel department, but that hasn't stopped them from dropping the melodies and riffs left, right and centre. One thing you might pick up on is the keys are to the fore a little more, but on '4 Real' they have a big fat dirty rhythm with an organ roll that pierces through to the chorus and we're off, chanting along like one big happy gang on the “4 Reals”. If it makes sense, it sounds like a band maturing, and as they get older they try new things, like on the cool 'Vulture Culture' that has a nod in the general direction of Blondie around the ‘Eat To The Beat’ era. If I didn't know better, I'd swear these cats come from out of some dingy yet totally glam New York City ‘hood. The chorus is simple yet infectious, which is much like this record. They follow that up with something that sounds like it is influenced by early Duran Duran or Japan: 'Recurring Nightmare' gets funky and has some great rhythm breaks.  Before I get carried away, I might add that, whilst there are changes, they are subtle changes and it’s still very much Prima Donna, and Preston’s voice and style oozes through and is instantly recognizable. 'Not For Nothing' is dripping with attitude as it soars with a great bass line and dirty riff, whilst 'Until I Break Loose' has the familiar ‘70s glam stomp coursing through the rhythm and into the chorus. As we head into the home straight’ 'Year Of The Rat' mashes up the swirling keys and guitar around a solid beat as the chorus borrows from 'Jumping Jack Flash', before some mighty fine saxophone blowing and the song just builds into its frantic rock out - most excellent song indeed folks. One of the things I got out of this record was the fact that, no matter what, it's like sunshine music - you can't help but feel good after you've heard it: its rock ‘n’ roll with a big huge smile.  I wouldn't say Prima Donna have grown up, because that wouldn't be right, but they've evolved record on record, or gone through rock ‘n’ roll puberty right before our eyes: they've learned a thing or two and managed to record it all into one great big fantastic record that is this self-titled album. If you've ever fallen for their take on 70s glam rock ‘n’ roll with attitude, or you've seen them kick up a shit storm live, then you'll get it and this album will be burning a 12" hole into your end of year top ten.  In a nutshell - buy it!” - Dom Daley

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Prima Donna’s Kevin Preston and David Field Join The Longshot Band What do the bands Prima Donna and The Longshot have in common?Both have the great Kevin Preston and David Field as band members.Preston and Field along with Jeff Matika of Green Day have been announced as the band members in Billie Joe Armstrong’s project, The Longshot. Preston plays guitar, Field is the drummer, Matika is on bass and Armstrong is the frontman. Mysterious Clues and Music …The Longshot has been dropping mysterious hints and music and has been booking gigs around Northern and Southern California.The Longshot has been quietly dropping singles, one-offing shows at places like DTLA’s Redwood, Orange County’s Wayfarer and Oakland’s 1-2-3-4 Go! Records, where they played a 15-song set last weekend. At 1-2-3-4 Go! Records, the band opened with ‘Ziggy Stardust’, before launching into new tracks including ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Chasing A Ghost’ and ‘Love Is For Losers.’ Prima Donna’s New Album S/TPrima Donna is rounded out by Lights Out Levine on bass, and Aaron Minton on keys. Prima Donna is one of the best local bands in Los Angeles and has a fierce following.Preston is an outstanding songwriter and Field is an accomplished drummer with great experience, so Longshot is getting some amazing band members. Stay tuned for our record review and interview with Prima Donna. In the meantime, here’s two more new releases from The Longshot, the titles of which may or may not be so PC for today.” - Donna Balancia

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Learn more about Prima Donna in the following All Access interview:Thanks for your time! So what is one song that you are all loving right now? What is a song that you all disagree about loving right now?Kevin Preston: I really dig “Love From Above.” That and “Recurring Nightmare.”Light Out Levine: I’d say “Automatic” is the one we’re all really into. I don’t think we disagree about any of them.How has 2018 been treating you all so far? What is one musical goal that you have for this year?David Field: Any year you write, record and release an album is a good year, so I’m pretty happy with 2018 right now. Now that it is being released, all that’s left to do is hit the road and tour.Aaron Minton: So far we’ve just been waiting to release our new record this year. As far as goals go – more and more exposure.Lights Out Levine: We’ve just really been chomping at the bit to get this record out and start performing it live. Hitting the road is always a main goal for us.Kevin Preston: 2018 has honestly been the best year of my life so far. My musical goal is to take our show on the road and play in some countries we’ve never been to. Can you recall the moment when you all thought you could be in this band together? Was it hard to come up with a name that you all thought fit your sound and who you are?Kevin Preston: I can’t pinpoint the moment, but I do remember just having this awesome summer. It started with 2 songs I wrote. I really wanted to be in a band with David and Aaron, so we spent the summer in David’s garage and it was rock ‘n’ roll magic. Summer of love.David Field: No one call themselves a band unless you can survive touring together. If you still love playing music with each other after weeks and months on the road, then you’re in a real band. Luckily for us, we realized that pretty early on. After years of touring all over the world we are more like brothers than band-mates.How much do you think you all have grown as a band since you first formed? What has remained the same about your dynamics?David Field: Our musical taste and influences have changed a lot since we first began. While we still love all the rock ‘n’ roll bands that helped shape us when we were young, we are now listening to all different styles and bands. It makes us better songwriters and musicians.Kevin Preston: We’re straight up mind-readers at this point. We pretty much know what we need to do musically to make the songs pop. Much of it, we can do without even discussing, you know?Lights Out Levine: We have always worked so well together. That has always remained the same for us. We all write tunes and contribute to everyone else’s songs. A lot of respect, personally and professionally exists in this band.Why do you think that Wicked Cool Records is the right place for this band and your music today? Kevin Preston: They support bands. Real bands with real instruments that have real things to say. What does it feel like to be releasing your album, S/T? How does this collection show a new chapter for the band? What was it like putting it all together? Did anything surprise you about the overall process? Kevin Preston: I’m completely elated. This album is wholly different than anything we’ve ever done. We tapped into some vibes we’ve always wanted to dig into. Eric Palmquist [producer] really pushed us out of our comfort zone and made us try new things. We rose to the challenge and we really loved the process.David Field: It feels great. On this album we have matured a lot and I think it shows. Recording was a very different experience in the studio than we were used to. Eric our producer really pushed us and made us think about different ways to approach the songs. It was also our first time collaborating on songwriting with someone not in the band.What was the inspiration for your album’s first released single “4 Real”? How did you decide to release it first? How do you think it prepares listeners for more music?Kevin Preston: It was inspired by the disappearance of Richey Edwards (Manic Street Preachers). It seemed like the clear choice to kick off the new era because it just has this wild, freight train kinda energy.Aaron Minton: The musical inspiration for ‘4 Real’ was just something driving and powerful. It’s the first track on the album because we figured it’s a good engine starter kinda song, since it’s so driving. After that, we picked it as the first single naturally.Lights Out Levine: When you listen to 4 Real, you get to hear a bit of what everyone does. We all get our shit in; Aaron has the great organ line, Kevin has that magic voice and the sweet guitar riffs, I get to play some cool lines and David gets to blast off on the drums.I’ve got to ask what was it like sharing the stage with Green Day on two arena tours on two continents?! What did you learn about performing live from those experiences?Kevin Preston: It was a dream come true. They were one of the bands that turned us into rock ‘n’ roll fiends. We learned so much more about putting on a show. Most nights we were playing in front of 20,000 people that had never heard of us, so we really had to give it our all.Where do you think you are all happiest- in the studio recording new music, on stage performing or elsewhere? Where can people see you perform next?Aaron Minton: I think we’re happiest on stage. We’re also very happy after a great show, hanging together wherever it may be.David Field: Definitely on stage and touring. We work hard in rehearsals and in the studio so we are able to play these songs live. Being on stage and having the crowd respond to us is the best feeling.Kevin Preston: These days it’s a little bit of both. I love getting creative in the studio. Making the songs come to life is as intense as it is rewarding. Playing live never gets old. It’s such a cool give and take of energy. Such a rush.Lights Out Levine: For me, being on stage performing is what it’s all about.How do you think being a musician and in this band gives you all the most joy in life today? With everything going on in the world today, how do you think your music is a reflection of these times?David Field: The world is so crazy right now that it can become overwhelming. There’s a lot of negativity that’s constantly being shoved in your face. We think that with this band, and especially this album, we are making something positive. We want our fans to put this album on and feel good and forget the world for a while. Kevin Preston: It gives me joy that I can have a blast playing music that also makes other people happy. I get to have my cake and eat it too. Songs like “Vulture Culture,” “Automatic” and “Give It Up” are a reflection of how I feel about all the crazy things going on. Songs like “Love From Above” and “Until I Break Loose” are meant to help escape all of that.Who are you all listening to these days? What artists have continued to inspire you and your music? Who would you absolutely love to work with in the future?Kevin Preston: I’m always checking out music from other countries. My two current faves are Makthaverskan from Sweden and La Femme from France. I’d love work with Eric Palmquist again. I love what he did with this record. I’ve always wanted to write a song or two with Billy Idol. Call me Billy!How important do you think social media has been to this band? Do all you help to maintain all of your sites or is one of you more into it all? Or do you rely on your PR/management team to handle it all? Kevin Preston: It’s fun for us because we have really cool fans. We maintain all of the socials ourselves. We try to give everybody a glimpse of what we’re up to behind the scenes and all that.David Field: It’s important for us to keep in touch with our fans, especially the ones overseas. Social Media has helped us to do that.What do you hope is the message of your music? What do you hope people continue to take away from your songs? What do you hope they take away from one of your shows?Kevin Preston: Overall, I just hope our music and concerts help people have a good time and break loose for a little bit.Aaron Minton: I hope people find whatever songs they favor most and that it makes them happy to play over and over again. And hopefully they have just as much a good time seeing us live!” - Leah Brungardt

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Prima Donna have proudly flown the garage-rock flag for more than a decade, displaying all the energy, grit and swagger that goes with the territory but never quite carving out a sound distinctive enough to elevate them beyond most-rip-snorting-support-band-in-L.A. (And they have opened for some heavyweights.)The L.A. quartet of Kevin Preston (vocals, guitar), David S. Field (drums), Aaron Minton (keyboards, saxophone, vocals) and Lights Out Levine (bass, vocals) remain a work in progress, though. (Aren’t we all?) They tweak the formula on their fifth album, which is notably titled “S/T.” “Self-titled albums are usually a band’s introduction to the world,” Field says. “Even though this isn’t our first, we feel this album represents a new era in our music and who we are as musicians and people.” Preston calls the album — made in two weeks with producer Eric Palmquist (Thrice, the Bad Suns) — “a true sonic leap for us.”Their music has a champion in Steven Van Zandt, the E Street guitarist, actor, radio host and label impresario. The album came out last week on Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records.Meanwhile, Prima Donna worked with director Arthur Leon Adams III for the video for “Press Your Luck,” filmed in an abandoned boathouse shipyard in Crockett, Calif. They’ve played nicer rooms.” - Kevin Bronson

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LA rockers Prima Donna has announce the release of their new music video for their single “Press Your Luck”. The video showcases the bands garage- and punk- influenced dynamic, drawing influences from Oasis and Social Distortion with an almost Four Seasons vibe. “Press Your Luck” previews the new direction of the band explored on S/T, their forthcoming album out now.As Keyboardist and Vocalist Aaron Minton comments:This one has a cool Oasis/Social Distortion thing to it with the singing and melodies. My favorite part occurs in the chorus, when Kevin sings “…you know you better.” The notes sung have almost a Four Seasons vibe.”” - RJ Frometa

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Prima Donna Tracks at Palmquist Studios L.A. rockers Prima Donna will release S/T on March 30 through Wicked CoolRecords. The album was recorded in Palmquist Recording Studios in ElSerano, CA and was produced by Eric Palmquist (MUTEMATH, Night Riots). Formore, visit Pictured (l-r): Kevin Preston, guitarist andvocalist; Aaron Minton, keyboard and saxophone; David Field, drums; LightsOut Levine, bass; Eric Palmquist, producer.”

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LA rockers Prima Donna have unleashed a new video to accompany their single “4 Real,” PRESS HERE to watch via New Noise Magazine! The video follows the rock & roll treatment of patients too stuck in the virtual world, with mixed results – and an amusing twist ending. The song, which initially premiered via Yahoo, takes inspiration from the mysterious 1995 disappearance of Manic Street Preachers’ Richey Edwards and is the first release from Prima Donna’s forthcoming album S/T.S/T will be released on March 30, 2018 via Wicked Cool Records in partnership with The Orchard and is available to pre-order now, PRESS HERE to pre-order.Prima Donna have shared stages with an incredible range of rock acts, from Green Day (who they supported on two arena tours on two continents) to Andrew W.K., Blondie, Fitz and the Tantrums, Adam Ant and more. Lead singer Kevin Preston, who first emerged on the LA scene in the reformed early 2000s lineup of legendary LA punks The Skulls, also plays in Billie Joe Armstrong’s garage rock side project Foxboro Hot Tubs – further testament to the band’s rock & roll credentials. Garage rock tastemaker Little Steven Van Zandt has named five of Prima Donna’s tracks as his “Coolest Song In The World,” most recently 2015’s “Deathless.”Produced by Eric Palmquist (Thrice, The Bad Suns, The Mars Volta) in the band’s hometown of LA, S/T Harnessing influences that cover the corners of rock & roll from Ronnie Spector and the Stones through Nina Hagen and the Ramones. With the release of S/T as part of Little Steven’s Wicked Cool Records’ ongoing partnership with The Orchard, Prima Donna continue to push forward as infallible rockers with multi-dimensional capacities and showcase their development into a fully formed garage- and punk-influenced outfit.Prima Donna is comprised of Kevin Preston (vocals, guitar), David S. Field (drums, percussion), Aaron Minton (keyboards, saxophone, vocals) and Lights Out Levine (bass, vocals).” - Ken

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